Our history

Early years
1986: The company was established under the name Sølv Trans
1991: Converted into a limited liability company under the name Sølvtrans AS

1998 - 2005 Building up in Scotland
1998: Main portion of activities moved to Scotland
2001 - 2003: The wellboats “Ronja Skye”, “Ronja Settler” and “Ronja Commander” were added to the fleet

2005 Entering the Chilean market and expanding the fleet
2005: The Company established the subsidary Solvtrans Chile SA, and the wellboats “Ronja” and “Ronja Fisk” were transferred to Chile.
2006: Two newbuilds - “Ronja Pioner” and Ronja Viking” – added to the fleet

2007 Re-entering the Norwegian market - acquisition of Frøyfisk
2007: The Company resumed the business in the Norwegian market through the acquisition of the wellboat company Frøyfisk AS, which operated the wellboats “ Frøyfisk”, “Roy Kristian” and “Frøyhav” along the Norwegian coastline. The acquisition also included one wellboat from Canada, “Ronja Carrier”, which subsequently was transferred to Chile.
2007 - 2008: Newbuilds “Ronja Harvester“, “Ronja Superior” and “Ronja Nordic” added to the fleet

2008 Reorganisation to enter the Norwegian Tonnage Tax regime
Reorganisation of the Company to optimise holding structure and enter the Norwegian tonnage tax regime. The wellboat business was transferred to a newly established wholly-owned subsidiary called Sølvtrans Rederi AS. Sølvtrans AS changed its name to Sølvtrans Holding AS.

2009 Shut-down in Chile
As a result of the severe crisis in the fish farming industry in Chile, all operating activity in Chile was shut down during 2009, and the three vessels owned by Solvtrans Chile SA were sold to Solvtrans Rederi AS and moved to Norway.
The newbuild “Ronja Atlantic” was delivered, while the vessel “Ronja Fisk“ was sold.

2010 IPO and listing on Oslo Axess; build-up in Canada
Sølvtrans Holding ASA listed on Oslo Axess on 30 Mars 2010, after IPO with proceeds of NOK 150 mill.
Three contracts awarded in Canada. The vessel “Ronja” was sold.

2011 New management and improved operations
Roger Halsebakk was appointed new CEO of the company and during the year, several measures were initiated to improve operations and cost efficiency.

2012 Expanding fleet with two new vessels and re-establishing operations in Chile
During 2012, Sølvtrans contracted two new state-of-the-art wellboats with a total capacity of about 6000 m3. The company also re-established operations in Chile after entering into charter agreements for two of its vessels.

2013 Sale of Roy Kristian and delivery of Ronja Polaris
The vessel Roy Kristian was sold in May, and the new 3.000 m3 vessel Ronja Polaris was delivered in October.

2014 Bid for majory of the shares
Bid for majority of the shares from Oaktree in July 2014.
Entry to Australia with the new built vessel Ronja Huon.

2015 Aquisition of Bømlo Brønnbåtservice


Sølvtrans AS | Skansekaia 4B 4, 6002 | Ålesund, Norway | Tlf: +47 70 12 80 20 | e-post: post@solvtrans.no

Sølvtrans AS
Skansekaia 4B 4, 6002 | Ålesund, Norway
Tlf: +47 70 12 80 20 | e-post: post@solvtrans.no